What should I know before I join?


CSA members are a special group and we want you to know that  membership may not be for everyone.  Please consider carefully before you join and feel free to contact us to discuss any concerns that you may have before you commit. We want you to be happy!

So... what does it take to be a happy CSA member? We suggest that our members:

  • Have a love for organic, fresh, local produce and love to eat!
  • Have an interest in becoming part of our  food community and  a desire to support sustainable agriculture
  • Have a willingness to try new and unfamiliar foods with an open mind
  • Have an interest in trying new recipes (we will provide our members with many) 
  • Have knowledge or be willing to learn how to preserve any excess produce to prevent waste (we will share our knowledge with you)
  • Understand that we are a single farm CSA and that we will offer only those items that are currently in season here in the Antelope Valley (add on items from other farms/artisans will be available at additional cost) 
  • Be willing to go along with the cycle of the seasons in regards to variety and quantity of available product 
  • Communicate with us regularly to give feedback on what we are doing right and perhaps not so right...remember we are in this together

Have we scared you off yet? We sure hope not! Click on the Become a Member tab in the upper right hand corner of your screen  to read our FAQ's, Policies and view details on how to join. Membership is limited for the 2015 season so don't delay!

Support our family farm and have a real connection with your food...


CSA or Community Supported Agriculture is an alternative social and economic arrangement to conventional industrial food production. Through CSAs, the community makes a bold statement in support of local, sustainable agriculture, and the farmer receives a sense of security that he will have continued demand for his product throughout the growing season. The farm and the CSA member form a partnership at the beginning of the season in support of one another.  CSA members receive a "Share" of the harvest each week and accept the risks and the bounty that comes along with farming. 

Back in the 1980's and even earlier the first ever CSAs required all members to pay for the entire season in advance; the farm would then use the money to invest in the coming season (seed, fertilizer, equipment, staff,  etc.). Many CSAs also required members to work on the farm as part of their commitment for the season. The Holland Ranch Farm Share CSA although still a traditional single farm CSA will differ in two important ways: we offer a 10% discount off of the season price for those who choose to pay in full when they join and offer a payment program for those members who don't. Additionally volunteer opportunities will be available but never required for those who would like to have a deeper connection with our farm. Members not wanting to volunteer will have the opportunity to tour the farm to get a close up look at how things are done without getting their hands dirty.  We also plan to schedule a couple of member events at the ranch this coming season and look forward to having you join us! 

If you are considering becoming a member you should know that we are not a co-op or farm share delivery service. We won't ever buy produce from another farm and re-sell it to you in your weekly Share Box. Everything that you receive in your weekly box will be grown here by us. Holland Ranch produce is ultra local and won't travel anywhere before you take it home with you thus making it the freshest possible product and reducing the carbon footprint we create to almost zero! As the season draws closer we will offer a selection of add on items; organic products we don't grow or produce here.  Holland Ranch Farm Share CSA members will have the best of both worlds; ultra fresh gourmet produce and  additional organic products sourced here in California fully guaranteed by Holland Ranch.



What should I expect to receive in my weekly Share Box?

The 2015 season will consist of 26 weekly boxes and will include approximately 8 - 10 (or more) Holland Ranch grown, certified organic  produce items that should feed 2 to 4 adults depending on appetite. Seasonal variations may include:


Spring is greens season so you should expect to find plenty of spinach, head lettuce, baby salad mix,  kale, collard greens, carrots, radishes, bok choy, scallions, herbs, squash blossoms (add on item) and fresh spring garlic.


Summer is when our tomato loving friends aka Holland Ranch Tomato Heads really get excited! Summer boxes may include early vine ripe red tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and as the summer progress many varieties of hand chosen by the farmer,  heirloom tomatoes sure to WOW you. Summer is not only about the tomatoes though we will also feature several varieties of summer squash, cantaloupe,  watermelon, sweet red onions, sweet yellow onions, scallions, several varieties of potatoes,  peppers, fresh Big Jim 'Hatch" type chilies (want em already roasted? no problem that's an add on item), eggplant, carrots, beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes and garlic.


Fall is probably our most diverse time and boxes may include a layover of summer items and the delicious "spring" greens should begin to reappear in great numbers. In addition to the best of spring and summer, fall also brings several varieties of winter squash and expect the potatoes, onions, garlic & herbs to continue through the end of the season in November.

We are currently accepting new members for the 2015 season which begins in May, sign up now to guarantee your membership!

Have a special request?

Let us know right away...who knows maybe the farmer will begin growing an item just because of your suggestion!

In the box the week of October 1, 2014

Rainbow carrots, beets, rainbow new potatoes, radishes, summer squash, winter squash, spinach, baby salad greens, garlic and kale or collard greens or head lettuce (luck of the draw).

Crazy for good food;  Eric & Cheri Holland, farmers at Holland Ranch in Palmdale, CA